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All our Pizzaiolos are fully trained. Adrian and Yousef say ‘Buon giorno!’

We have been cooking wood fired pizza in our purpose-built wood fire oven since 2004!  We imported  our oven from Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany’s beautiful countryside and our Pizzaiolos hand make our pizzas and then bake them in the purely wood fired oven at nearly 700 degrees, giving a delicious crisp texture and a unique and light flavour. We use fresh, authentic ingredients, giving a superb crisp texture and a unique and light flavour.

Our menu strives to honor the heritage of Old World Mediterranean and Italian traditions, where the integrity of ingredients is paramount. We aim to source local region grown tomatoes, locally made fresh mozzarella where possible, and our hand-crafted base and crusts are complemented by only the best charcuterie and local vegetables. While we offer a few favorite combinations, feel free to personalize your pizza with your choice of ingredients. Your pizza will be baked with love and attention! Come in and create your masterpiece.

Another great-tasting wood fired pizza

Another great-tasting wood fired pizza

One of the benefits of live fire cooking is that you don’t need much added seasoning. The flavors from searing and caramelization are captured and developed in the cooking process whether in fast grilling or slow roasting in a wood-fired oven. The food’s moisture is held inside and released at the end when you cut into it just before serving. The seasoned wood or hardwood charcoal fuel imparts additional surface flavor.

Imported from Italy.

Imported from Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany’s beautiful countryside.

Another benefit is there’s less fat needed in this form of cooking making the food healthful yet succulent and packed with natural flavor and nutrition.We cook our pizzas at 700º F. The higher temperatures afforded by our ovens, cause rapid rise spring to the dough, this produces a crust that has dimension and structure, crispy on the edges and bottom and tender and forgiving on the inside. Bubbles and air pockets run through our crust, many describe as light as air. The rapid caramelizing toppings is the other aspect of delicious taste.

Come and see us!

We have adequate seating for you, your friends and family!

We focus on taste, value for money, freshness and simplicity. We’re extremely proud of our live-fire cooking and authentically trained pizzaiolas. Our specialities include gourmet Wood Fired Pizza, award-winning Italian ice cream milkshakes and Shawarmas.

...there a wood fired pizza being cooked!

…the light,delicate and crispy base make our pizzas mouthwatering…

Our Mission

For the first time ever have produced a ‘Mission statement’ which is:

to create loyal customers by delighting them with our services and gourmet Mediterranean foods. We want to serve our customers and society on the whole, and to scale our all round operations by developing our team to an elite level and practicing sound business.”

Social Responsibility Objectives

Not only have we introduced a  ’Mission Statement’ in 2014, but we have had a think about what we want to achieve on a broader scale, outside of the business.  Dad has been in and around the restaurant/catering/ food industry for 40 years, and has been a part of the community with the shop in Tooting being there, in one form or another, for 25 years.

Local Social Objectives

During 25 years the Tooting Branch has had and continues to see many opportunities to help the local community. We have encoraged many of the parents/children from local schools, liased with and supported local businesses and start-ups and worked with local charites. We hope to continue this and welcome you to pop-in for a chat or contact us if you have a need or concern.

National / International Social Objectives

As a business, we have also been aware of situations abroad, where help is needed, for example after the floods and earthquakes in Pakistan. We have since been part of a joint effort to raise funds to create a hospital there, which will have 115 beds and employ more than 800 members of staff to provide 24-hour accident and emergency care to serve the Sialkot population in the Punjab.
The project started in January 2011 and, following the earthquake, resources have been diminished, so the planting and harvesting of Cassava (a vegetable which is easy to grow and very nutritious) has been a focus of our fundraising. We have also been raising funds to help the orphans of Pakistan with what they need the most: whether it is childrens school fees , clothing, school books or even school trips.

We have formed an alliance with Awaiting Eyes Foundation, to do this and welcome any feedback from our customers.

Environmental / Sustainability Objectives

We go to great lengths to ensure that the depletion of the rain forests - which is widely recognised as being caused by illegal logging – is not something we contribute to. We accomplish this by engaging in the mature Two Tier Forest Certification Process.

  • Tier 1: At the first level, forests are independently certified to a recognised standard, which involves an inspection of the forest management unit by an independent certification body, to check that the forest management complies with agreed principles. Certified forest operations may then claim that the forest products being produced come from a responsibly managed forest – but before they can sell their products as certified, they must also obtain what is called ‘chain of custody’ certification.
  • Tier 2: At this second level, operators in the timber supply chain must also seek chain of custody certification to allow them to buy and sell outputs from these forests as certified. Chain of custody means simply the unbroken and traceable path that products take from the forest to the consumer, through all stages of manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Chain of Custody certification is a timber and timber products traceability system that ensures that certified products come from a well managed source. The chain starts at the forest, ensuring that our natural environment is maintained and is followed through every link of the chain through to the end user.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ®) is an independent, not for profit organization providing standard setting, trademark assurance and certification services for companies and organisations interested in responsible forestry (see here). The FSC provides Chain of Custody standards for manufacturers and processors of forest products. The Chain of Custody standards allow credible tracking of certified wood and wood products from certified forests through trade and manufacturing to committed retailers and consumers.

EVERY wood supplier we use is registered with and is a certified supplier of FSC certified goods.


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